Fishing the Midwest Forms Agreement with CORE ICE

Fishing the Midwest forms agreement with CORE ICE!

November 21, 2017  | Fishing the Midwest, one of the Midwest’s longest-running and highest-rated fishing television shows, announced today that they have formed a partnership with INTELLI-CORE, manufacturers of the revolutionary new CORE ICE fish houses.

“The revolutionary hybrid wheel/skid system and super lightweight composite panel construction of the new CORE ICE fish houses are game changingtechnologies in the hard-sided fish house game,” said Fishing the Midwest’s co-host Mike Frisch.  “CORE ICE houses are available with all the comfortfeatures ice anglers have come to expect in hard-sided houses.  However, because they’re so lightweight and maneuverable, we can be fishing in comfort long before and after other anglers using heavier, more cumbersome houses, effectively adding to our fishing season.  Plus, these houses are precision built and extremely durable, so we can use them for other applications too,” Frisch added.  “When I first laid eyes on a CORE ICE house, I knew the game was changing for the better in the hard-sided fish house market!”

“We here at CORE ICE are extremely excited about adding a powerful and reputable voice to our products,” said INTELLI-CORE President Kyle Bjorkman.  “After meeting with Mike multiple times, we knew that he and Bob Jensen are the right guys to partner with to spread our message.  We are passionate about the work we put in to our Adventure Trailers and Cabins and promise to bring the smartest, most durable, and most advanced products to the marketplace.  We will get you on the ice earlier, longer, later, and faster, guaranteed.”

To learn more about CORE ICE fish houses, visit their website at or follow CORE ICE on FACEBOOK.

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Fishing the Midwest Forms Agreement with CORE ICE