Aoudad and Oryx Hunt Full Show

Join Jim Mueller and friends as they look to add 2 African native animals to their mantle, the South African Oryx and Aoudad.

Texas Youth Whitetail Hunt

This full show features a very special hunt, hosted by 9 year olds Tristan Sivells and Curtis Bailey. Wait till you see the look on the boys face when they harvest their first ever whitetail.

Fallow Deer, Mouflon, and Red Stag Hunt in Austria

The American Outdoorsman crosses the Atlantic to the scenic mountain grounds of Austria, to harvest 3 of the most iconic animals of the region, the fallow deer, mouflon, and the red stag In this special full episode of The American Outdoorsman.

Montana Antelope

AO Pro Staffer Steve Bailey travels the long journey up to Montana to try and hunt down the elusive antelope in this American Outdoorsman classic.

British Columbia Mountain Goat

Legendary taxidermist Cally Morris joins the AO team as he and his wife Annetta take on the blistering cold of the mountains in British Columbia, to track down a giant mountain goat.

Whitetail Unicorn - Full Show

We join Steve Bailey in Eastern Illinois and Mike Cherner in Central Missouri as they look to harvest some rare whitetails.

Brazilian Peacock Bass

The American Outdoorsman go international as AO Pro Staffer Mark Tobin heads toward South America, to take part in one Brazilian tradition. The catching of the beautiful Brazil Peacock Bass along the Amazon River.

British Columbia Salmon

Join The American Outdoorsman favorite fisherman Mark Tobin as he ventures out to British Columbia to attempt to reel in a variety of different fish, in this full show.

Mississippi Turkey and Wild Boar Hunt

Check out this AO Classic full show with Chris Brackett as he heads to Mississippi to try and take down a turkey tom, and a full grown boar.

Mid - West Duck Hunting

Nothing beats Duck Hunting in the Mid-West. Fred Ramsay and Mark Tobin head to Swan Lake in Missouri, to harvest some ducks with Bob Maibs, and Bernie Boyle

Wintertime Crappie Fishing

The cold can’t stop Mark Tobin from fishing. This time he is at Pomme De Terre Lake looking to reel in some crappie…

Musselshell Montana Mule Deer Elk Hunting

This full show features 2 whitetail bow hunts. With Steve Bailey taking the lead as he waits for a giant buck to slowly make his way underneath his tree stand. Randy Banks on the other hand dose not have to wait long for a monster whitetail to come into his sight.

Whitetail Bowhunt at Iowa Droptine

Steve Bailey heads to Musselshell Outfitters in Montana, to hunt the heavily populated mule deer, and elk, in this bowhunting venture.