Plan that Summer Fishing Trip Now!

by Bob Jensen

dsc_0019[2]It’s late winter.  Lots of anglers are thinking of the upcoming open water fishing season.  Many of those anglers are starting to plan a fishing trip or two that will take place this spring or summer or fall.  Following are some ideas that may be helpful in planning a fishing trip.

Some folks like to return to the same body of water every year.  Nothing wrong with that:  You know the area, you know where the fish live and how to catch them, and you’ve probably established some relationships in that area.  If you like that, your job of planning a fishing trip is easy.  You just do what you did in past years.

If you want to explore a new area, finding that new area is part of the fun.  You need to decide what you’re looking for.  Do you want to target a particular species of fish, or would you prefer a multi-species body of water?  Some folks want to chase only walleyes or bass or muskies or whatever.

Others might want to catch bass, but if the bass don’t want to get caught, they want to have the option of catching something else that’s more willing to get caught.  I like options:  When I’m going to be spending a few days on a fishing trip, I want to catch something.  I really like to spend time on multi-species bodies of water.

So, how do we find a place to go fishing for a few days.  There’s lots of information available.   Television fishing shows are a good place to get an idea.  The internet can be another source of information.  But these are just starters:  You need to actually talk with someone to make sure the area offers what you’re looking for.

There are lots of sportshows in the winter and early spring months.  Sportshows are a great place to find general tourism areas and specific fishing resorts.  Cabela’s events can be even better.  In March the various Cabela’s stores host their Spring Great Outdoor Days.  These events host seminars and often various resorters are in attendance.  Ask the seminar presenters for ideas, and also check out the resorters.  Cabela’s Spring Great Outdoor Days have free admission and parking is free also.

Then you have to determine when you can go on your trip.  Lots of fishing-trip-planners need to plan around Little League season and planting season and many other things.  Other folks can go pretty much anytime.  Figure out which camp you fall into and proceed accordingly.

Ok, let’s get to work.  Do some research to determine a body of water or area you’d like to visit.  Go to the tourism websites for that area.  There will be listings for resorts in that area.  Call the resorts that appear to be what you’re looking for.  Ask if they’ll be at a sportshow or Cabela’s event close to where you live.  If they will, go to that event and meet them.  If you’re comfortable with what you find, book your trip.  By doing the legwork we just talked about, you will greatly increase your odds of having an enjoyable fishing trip.

Plan that Summer Fishing Trip Now!