Looking Ahead To Open Water

by Bob Jensen

Open Water Fishing

There is still a lot of ice-fishing to be had in the next few weeks, and in fact, some of the best ice-fishing of the year is ahead of us.  But it’s at about this time every year that I like to look ahead to the open water season and the things that I’m looking forward to in open water fishing.  There are places that I’m looking forward to going to and products that I’m looking forward to trying.  Following are a few of the things that I’m looking forward to in the upcoming open water fishing season.

I’m really looking forward to the first fishing trip in nice weather.  Sometimes those early season runs to the river can provide good walleye action, but the air temps can be chilly, and even light winds can make it chillier.  These are fun trips, and fishing is usually pretty good, but that first trip of the year when the sun is shining and you can wear just jeans and a sweatshirt are my favorite.

I’m looking forward to casting topwater baits to largemouth bass in shallow water.  This style of fishing is visual and exciting: You’ll see the fish take your bait almost all the time. Much of the time there are better ways to catch largemouth, but I don’t know of any technique that’s more exciting.

Using plastic baits has become more and more popular every year.  Live bait is still the go-to stuff under tough conditions, but the more we know about plastics, the more we use them.  I started using the new Impulse plastic baits last year and really like what I’m seeing.   They don’t require any special care, and the fish seem to like them better than other plastics.  I’ve been using them for ice-fishing most recently. They work just as well as live, and you catch more fish per bait.

Late last year I as was introduced to a new rod series that really impressed me.  Cabela’s has created a very nice selection of rods in a variety of price ranges.  The new Platinum Series of Cabela’s rods are top quality rods that carry a lower price tag than most rods of similar quality.  The Platinum rods are super-sensitive, the actions are perfect for many applications, and they’re engineered for fishing comfort.  Cabela’s has several series of their own rods that will fit anyone’s needs.

Last thing, and this may sound strange, but it really has made my days on the water more pleasant. For quite a while, I’ve been looking for a different drink to take on the water. Soda makes me feel bloated and some say it’s not good for you.  Water is good, but sometimes I like something with a little more snap than water.  This past fall I discover Nature’s Fury.  Nature’s Fury is a fruit juice drink that doesn’t have the bad sugars, has more vitamins, but most importantly to me, it tastes good and makes me feel good.  It comes in twenty ounce resealable bottles in several flavors.  It’s not sticky or syrupy.  Every now and then I cheat and have a soda, but the Nature’s Fury products are now what I greatly prefer. They truly do help me enjoy my time on the water even more.

All this talk about open water fishing has me even more anxious to get out.  For now, I’m going ice-fishing, but in a couple of months, I will be in a boat doing the things we just talked about.

Looking Ahead To Open Water